Obsessive. Its cause, complications and treatment

Obsessive is a mental illness, and its treatment usually requires a long time and a strong will on the part of the sick person. And to be more specific we are talking about (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) OCD.

Positive Energy

Some people feel lazy and lethargic from time to time, with a feeling of pain throughout the body, even though the person is healthy and does not suffer from diseases.

Remorse. how do I deal with it?

Of course, we all make mistakes, intentionally or unintentionally. Some mistakes are small, others are big in their size and impact on ourselves and those around us.

Beliefs. what is it?

Beliefs are ideas that are basically kept inside us and concepts that appear in our memory about something as soon as we hear a term or word.

Relations. Its definition and nature

In the journey of our lives we go through many experiences and social relations, differing in their quality, definition and nature. Of course, when an individual is in the prime of life, he becomes impulsive in forming relationships, but what many of us miss is the classification of these relationships.

Happiness. Its concept and causes

Happiness is relative, and this means, it cannot be defined or attained, it varies from person to another and its causes differ from one personality to another and the factors surrounding that personality.

Emotional Partner

Some people go through emotional breakups at some point in their lives, which have a negative impact on one's mental health and it leaves an impact on his life after the separation. Some have a strong reaction from the impact of emotional shock and they find themselves in a war with the entire opposite sex as a kind of revenge and to express their anger and pent-up feelings.

Hesitation or hesitating: Its concept, causes and treatment

Human soul is created with many characteristics that must be present in every individual, and perhaps hesitation is one of these qualities. Reluctance to do something is natural, especially in the event of facing challenges and danger, hesitation uses the “Brakes” that stops us and protects us from danger and puts us in areas of security, comfort and feeling safe from possible dangers.

Fear: its causes, symptoms and treatment

Fear is a prevalent problem in the world. Each of us is afraid of something. It could be fear of death or losing loved ones, fear of loneliness, fear of being rejected by others, fear of failure, fear of poverty, fear of illness or perhaps fear of losing financial security. All of these situations result in a feeling of fear.

Depression. Its concept, causes, and treatment

Depression mainly affects the way you think and feeling things and thus affects behavior that leads to various problems. It also affects the various activities that a person performs during the normal day

Addiction, its definition and types:

Addiction is defined as a strong need - uncontrollable - that begins with taking a specific substance such as drugs or alcohol that forbade by Allah, or practicing a specific behavior such as gambling or having a forbidden sexual relationship. This habit or behavior becomes the most important thing in a person’s life and affects his studies, work, family and marital life. The most important symptoms of addiction are the inability to focus, inability to control this behavior, and losing ability to stay away from the particular substance that the person is addicted to.

Energy vampires, their characteristics and how do we know them?

You may have heard or read about the existence of such well-known people as (Energy vampires), they are people in our environment that you can meet anywhere at work or within your friend group, or they are family members, and it is possible that your emotional partner belongs to this category.